We are well into the 2nd Lockdown now and I’ve managed to shoot five weddings this year around the lockdown rules. It’s been a little weird and most of them are going to have a big party next year to make up for this year. I think the hardest rule so far has been the lack of singing in church.Wedding photography prices have been difficult to keep down as the amount of weddings that have moved this year have been tremendous. I am also a carer for my wife so I have to keep my prices low to follow Carer Allowance rules.

Lockdown Wedding
A lockdown Wedding from 2020

I’m not a big god person but I think it’s my duty to sing as loud as possible at weddings. The rules about 2 metres apart sometimes take no account of family groups and can look a little weird. I think it’s an adventure to try and get good shots even in a lockdown situation in a challenging location. In the wedding above we went to Stannylands Hotel in Wilmslow to get some shots in the small area in front of reception.

Lockdown Wedding
Wedding in Cheshire and Manchester

Next year should be better and also controls may be a little more flexible. At the time of writing it’s been announced we have an a vaccine but I’m not sure how many will be lining up for that one too quickly.

Lockdown Wedding Salford
A Wedding in Lockdown at Ordsall Hall

The above image was taken at Ordsall Hall in Salford during lockdown. I did think they would try stopping Brides and Grooms kissing eventually.

All this year we have not lost a wedding and they have all moved to 2021 or 2022. I have one more wedding to shoot in Birmingham I will let you know how it goes. The main thing is ensuring couples have not had the price increased because of covid. I have heard some stories but I don’t think profiteering form a international pandemic issuing to help.